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IrisTrust is a specialist company born out of the need to meet the unprecedented challenges facing the global community as we emerge from the throes of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

IrisTrust brings together the world’s foremost iris recognition technology, with subject matter experts in biometrics, banking, security, transport, logistics supply chain and the delivery of humanitarian supplies and services. 

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What We Offer

IrisTrust brings together under one company

Leading-edge iris recognition technology

Our iris recognition technology is portable, mobile and field-deployable at a moment’s notice.

Integration and fit for purpose

Our applications are easily adaptable for all mobile operating systems.

End-to-end solution

Our operating system provides end to end full project life cycle management capabilities as a result of decades of specialized field-driven experience, research, and development.

The Numbers

IrisTrust, through IrisGuard technology has achieved the following

Irises Scanned

Sectors We Serve!

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