Securing your digital identity is a must. Our iris-scan technology can verify an individual’s identity anywhere in the world, with 100% certainty within seconds.

Our Products

EyePay® Phone

Android based contactless mobile verification station.


Ideal for remote and harsh conditions with enclosed capture environment.


The world's most accurate dual eye iris camera systems.


Contactless with automatic adjustment first iris-enabled camera system designed and build to work seamlessly with any ATM cash machine. 

EyePay® Platform

The EyePay® platform is an all-inclusive system providing legal digital identities. The EyePay® Point of Sale (POS) rigorously meets the Know Your Customer (KYC) international regulatory banking requirements. Your eyes uniquely authenticate you and cannot be stolen, lost or copied. The EyePay® transaction is an ultra-secure, personal, convenient, contactless way to pay.

Product Application

Current Application

Our innovative iris-scan technology is already in use, tried and tested in some of the most challenging environments around the globe.

Future Application

IrisTrust continues in its quest to develop leading-edge solutions for unanticipated challenges as they emerge and affect our daily lives. IrisTrust applications provide bespoke solutions for today's contactless requirements in our global communities.

Our Current Applications