IrisTrust through the utilization of the cutting-edge technology developed by IrisGuard UK Ltd, the world-leading supplier of end-to-end iris recognition contactless identity verification platforms, delivers the following services.

At the heart of IrisTrust

At the heart of IrisTrust, there is the knowledge that moving forward more and more requirements are being asked of organizations, companies, donors and governments for accountability and verification of aid, grants, social benefits, and in-kind services.

Our System Development

As such all our systems encompass biometric verification requirements at its core – effectively removing any form of double-dipping, invalidation or fraudulent payment. The range of data attached to the biometric customization is at the end user’s discretion and the applicable data protection laws and practices. This can be fully, partly or non-anonymized, regionally and geographically tracked in real-time and available for download and analyzed by clients from secure cloud-based servers.

The Result

Our operational system can process vouchers, cash, existing cards (smart, NFC or paper) as well as pharmaceutical and commodity distribution, whilst concurrently providing ways to maximize efficiency by utilizing a single UVI number (Unique Verifiable Identity) to link all the data from different systems. Several of our partner clients are already seeing how this can dramatically expand their reach and efficiency whilst retaining their existing data and IT systems.



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