Governmental Sector

IrisTrust’s Iris technologies are perfect for front line contactless non-invasive verification and cross match of official government-issued identification with individual iris scans. Iris Trust equipped agencies can access secure, accurate and fault free identity authentication.

The COVID-19 pandemic is the latest challenge the world strives to deal with and in many ways, this may change and re-emphasize the way we operate our health and health insurance systems. IrisTrust technology can already enable health workers, hospitals and clinics to match patient ID with existing patient records in a contactless, confidential, culture-sensitive and paperless manner. This can substantially remove fraud from insurance systems and prevent the possibility of a patient being misidentified for treatment.

Medical trials can be given a further level of patient ID confidence (either visible or fully anonymized) and remove potentially extremely damaging data errors.

Our Services

Social Welfare

Benefit fraud is a real problem, improper Social Security payment totaled $1.3 trillion between 2004 and 2017.

Our iris recognition platform authenticates and verifies a person claiming benefit payment with 100% certainty, ultimately providing proof-of-life confirmation.

We secure the digital ID for everyone, ensuring that the vulnerable population can have access to social welfare benefits while eliminating fraud, double-dipping and ghosting.

Health Care

It is critical to correctly identify patients to ensure their safety and stop insurance fraud.

Our systems are designed for easy integration to authenticate the patients’ digital identities to ensure controlled dispensing of high-risk medication, clinical trial, privacy, and accurate medical treatment management.

Biometrics & Security

Iris Recognition Technology (IRT) provides valuable tools for homeland security, public safety, counter terrorism, and law enforcement.

Through the deployment of IRT, law enforcement and public safety officers have instant access to data to confirm and match the identity of criminals, insurgents and those individual’s intent in operating outside the law.

Anonymity provides insurgents, terrorists, and criminals with protection and operational advantage. Using the latest Iris Recognition Technology greatly reduces this risk.