Humanitarian Sector

IrisTrust through the utilization of the cutting-edge technology developed by IrisGuard UK Ltd, the world-leading supplier of end-to-end iris recognition contactless financial delivery platforms, can mobilize and deploy subject matter experts within 48 hours to respond to natural and manmade disasters.

In the early onset of an emergency during the most chaotic and challenging period IrisTrust’s teams working with host government representatives, donors and other humanitarian groups will ensure that relief supplies are not only fit for purpose but also provide real-time verification of distributions to the affected beneficiaries.

Our systems are configured to negate fraudulent activities through the provision of real-time verification of distribution.

Connectivity is not an issue, IrisTrust’s EyePay® Phone is designed to hold over 25,000 individual’s encrypted templates at any one time – offline. At a convenient point, the data can be uploaded to the cloud when some form of connectivity is present from mobile 2G to Wi-Fi. All data is synchronized, integrative, given a unique number and does not require any additional manual inputs.

IrisTrust systems are tailormade for cash transfers, voucher programs and commodity distributions affording donors and beneficiaries’ real-time access to the relevant data.